Welcome to the Focus Insurance Group, LLC

At Focus, we aim to make a personal difference when it comes to your coverage. While insurance products may appear to be a one size fits all type of product, the reality is that every individual has different needs and exposures. At Focus, we don’t want surprises on claims day.

Our goal

Our goal is to personalize your policy to fit your specific needs.

Are you properly covered?

Give us a call today for a No Hassle, No Commitment insurance review. We represent over 15 top rated companies, each specializing in a different niche within the marketplace. At Focus, we will make sure that your assets are properly covered.
Do You Have A Personal Insurance Umbrella?
Your family and your daily activities result in lawsuit exposures every day. You should consider purchasing an Umbrella policy if:
  • Your assets are greater than your insurance liability limits.
  • You are financially responsible for children.
  • You frequently host guests on your property.
  • Your residence has a swimming pool.
  • You own watercraft or off-road vehicles.
  • You own a rental or vacation property.
  • You participate in volunteer activities.


At Focus Insurance, we want to make sure that the big things are covered. You are most important and your vehicle is second. While repair or replacement of your vehicle is inconvenient, being sued for everything you have is a life changing experience.


Your business is your livelihood. With all of the different pieces involved in a business, what happens if something unforeseen occurs? Auto accidents, product spoilage, theft, defective merchandise and more can lead to big problems.


Similar to your auto insurance, losses to your home and property are typically a nuisance and can be fairly easily remedied. While a total loss to your home is a traumatic experience, it can be rebuilt and your personal possessions can be replaced.

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